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Licensed Massage Therapist, MA 99711

John M. DeSalvo, LMT MA 99711

At Precision Therapeutic Massage, we listen to understand your aches, pains, and overall health concerns to customize the massage therapy treatment to help resolve your underlying health issues and provide you relief to get you feeling your best.  

Experience makes the difference.

New to the Jacksonville area, John brings over 25 years of experience and extensive training in helping patients improve their health and feel their best. He has dedicated his life's work on expanding his knowledge and techniques to help relieve his patients' pain and improve their overall health.

  • Over 30,000 treatments
  • 25+ years of experience
  • Helped more than 1,000 patients resolve their acute and chronic pain.
  • MBLEx passed, first attempt, Florida Licensed, MA 99711.
  • The Humanities Center School for Massage Therapy graduate with 625 hours of training.

Treatment Techniques:

  • Neuromuscular Trigger-Point Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Anatomy & Physiology training
  • Structural deep tissue massage
  • Esalen
  • Massage Law & Ethics
  • Effective Chair Massage Techniques
  • C.P.R

Advanced Training and Certifications:

  • Advanced Neuromuscular Techniques for the Massage Therapist,  Dr. Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O.
  • NMT in the Clinic, Muscle Energy Technique, Strain Counter-strain, and Spray & Stretch.
  • Neuromuscular Techniques, Dr. Leon Chaitow, N.D., D.O., Diagnostic and therapeutic methods for normalizing soft tissue dysfunction and promoting health.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy II, Upledger Institute, Dayton, Ohio, pain-free treatments for cranial base, hard palate, mandible, and temporal mandibular joint dysfunctions.
  • Russian Massage Techniques, Zhenya Kurashova, Columbus, Ohio, Pain-free Russian Sports Massage Techniques for addressing pain and dysfunction in the back & legs.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy I, Upledger Institute, Dayton, Ohio, Introduction to Cranial Sacral system, rhythm, and techniques; CV-4, still-point induction, V-spread, and 10-step protocol.

John moved his practice from Winston-Salem, North Carolina to enable his wife to follow her career aspirations.  He enjoys spending time with his sons, two dogs and loves living near the beach.

Begin feeling your best and live the life you deserve.

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