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Endodontist's Testimonial Email

"As a practicing Endodontist (root canal specialist) and avid golfer the soft tissues/muscles in my neck are continually being stressed and strained.  In order to continue to practice dentistry and play golf without compromising my physical health it was vital that I become an active participant in both regular exercise and massage therapy.

  I have been a client of John DeSalvo's for over 8 years now and his professional expertise and ability has been invaluable in keeping my core musculature healthy and strong.  Through the regular use of soft tissue manipulation, any and all muscular issues I have experienced in the past have been resolved and improved upon via the specialized therapy John has performed over the years.  

Anyone who wishes to be proactive in preventing musculoskeletal problems or who has specific trouble spots requiring attention would be wise and fortunate to have John as an active member of his/her health team."

Dr. Paul M. Stabile

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