Radiologist's Testimonial Letter

A great overview of the efficacy of therapeutic massage following a motor vehicle accident from a radiologist.

Dear Colleagues, 

Musculoskeletal pain is a common and potentially chronic problem. Many different therapies have been utilized to attempt to treat this condition. Obviously, NSAIDs and other medications have a place in the treatment regimen but may not be completely effective.

Following an automobile accident which caused a whiplash type injury, significant extremity paresthesia in addition to cervical and upper thoracic pain, a colleague suggested that I try massotherapy. Pharmacologic therapies were not providing adequate relief. After consulting with a number of people, I chose John De Salvo and entered a treatment regimen. Within two sessions, the relief was measurable, and I was able to participate in a long-planned golf event.

I recommend consideration of massage therapy as an adjunctive therapy for musculoskeletal pain. 


Thomas R. Groner M.D.

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