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General Dentist's Testimonial Letter

This is a first hand account of the havoc that can be created in the upper extremity from neuromuscular dysfunction affecting the Scalene musculature and how effective early intervention can be in resolving the symptoms as soon as possible.

To Whom It May Concern:

After twenty-four years of practicing dentistry, it finally happened to me. I have read in dental journals about muscular-skeletal pain and have had small bouts that disappeared after a few days of stretching. This past year, for a few months, I had occasional tingling and numbness in my left arm and fingers but attributed it to excess work around our gentleman farm. Oddly enough, around my fiftieth birthday, it happened. The pain in my arm, shoulder, and back became intense. I could barely practice and wasn't sure where to turn: family doctor, chiropractor, carpel tunnel surgery, or pain clinic. My personal philosophy has always been for the simplest, least evasive treatment.

I was at a Friday night football game standing next to my son's friend's father, John DeSalvo, who I knew was a massage therapist. I was desperate, so I asked if he had any idea of what my problem was and who I should see for treatment. He pulled out his I Phone with an application showing the muscle trigger points. I pointed to the area left of center on my back, then he touched the same spot on his screen and instantly the color changed to show the affected radiating muscles. I immediately recognized the area of my pain. John scheduled me right away for an appointment.

The first twenty minutes of the session, as he released the muscles, was even more painful than my constant pain. I was beginning to think perhaps this wasn't the treatment I needed. Then, John turned to my neck and massaged my neck muscles and the pain and numbness melted out of my shoulder and arm. It was my "ah ha" moment. After the first session, I felt some relief and was told that it takes a while to respond completely. After four to five sessions in about six weeks of the massage therapy and at home stretching, I can say I feel one hundred percent better. I am grateful to John for all his help.

I vividly remember my first day of dental school and the Dean speaking to us. He said "You will never get rich being a dentist, but can make a good living, and dentistry is hard work". He was right. As a dentist, I would highly recommend John to others in my field that have the same problem which results from the posture our profession requires. 


John Rohrabaugh, D.D.S

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